Is modafinil legal

Is Modafinil Legal?

Modafinil has always been a popular performance enhancer medication that is being used since decades by people all over the world. A routinely required non-addictive drug that helps the consumer to counter lethargy, combat fatigue levels, and improve alertness and reaction time, Modafinil and its derivatives are a safe choice for people of all walks of life – students, working professionals, retired personnel. You could be anyone facing the trouble of lacking concentration and prolonged hours of unproductivity, Modafinil comes to your rescue.

Is procurement of Modafinil easy?

Certain clients all over the globe provide Modafinil as an over the counter drug and certain require a prescription for the drug to be purchased. There are likes of legal certified online stores such as GetWaklert that help to deliver the required variant of the drug in right time at the right place, all at customer’s desire, thus ensuring utmost customer satisfaction level in the whole of industry. It is only logical to conclude from the long experience and wide reach of the medicine delivery services such as GetWaklert that Modafinil is a completely safe and legal drug to purchase and consume. You can easily order modafinil online from GetWaklert. However, certain countries have rules involving the requirement of prescription to procure the drug hassle free.

Myth busting

There are various myths involved in the purchase of drugs from overseas’ services. These myths relate to the interference of various governmental agencies and some by-laws getting in way of placing orders, thereby generating confusion that holds little to no value. We have researched and found credible data pertaining to some major regions where we make our deliveries and receive the most queries generally as well.

United States of America

A medical prescription authorised by a registered practitioner is a core requirement for purchasing the drug. It makes Modafinil completely legal to be used by customers. It is designated as a Schedule IV drug according to the state administered agency DEA ( Drug Enforcement Administration ). Out of total five schedules, ranking in decreasing order of their lethal damage, Modafinil being on fourth makes it highly safe to use and procure medicine.

United Kingdom

Modafinil is marked as a POM commonly referred acronym for prescription only medicine, again, making it helpful for customer to obtain it after getting authorised prescription by a registered practitioner. Possession of Modafinil and its variant in any form is not concern for legal matter as there is nothing mentioned about possession in the country’s UK Misuse of Drug Act, 1971. It is generally recommended for cure of narcolepsy patients to be provided with a prescription.


There is a requirement of prescription by a doctor for use in cases of narcolepsy. But there is no boundary over procurement by online deliveries in and out of the continent. Here again, it is classified as a Schedule IV drug.

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